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The Jain Book Agency has always been known for its high quality and ever-present stock of some of the best books in business and law. Our clientele extends from corporate houses to established lawyers. Based out of Connaught Place in New Delhi, we today have a commendable experience of over 70 years.

We have a veritable law books store catering to all your unique requirements, other than law as well. Our collection is vast and ranges from Banking and Railway matters, to Business and commercial, Case judgements to civil, criminal and general laws. Our books store also provides books related to Indian Constitutional matters, Conveyancing, Deeds, Drafting, Corporate and Companyy, local, Labor and Industrial laws as well as Service laws.

Other than legal matters we are specialized in construction, civil engineering, electrical engineering, computers, IT and new emerging technologies, competition guides, books on Economics, Politics, Industry, Trade, Sociology, NGOs, Education, Gender issues, Development, Agriculture, Management, Environment, etc.

With an easy payment gateway and shopping cart inbuilt in our website you will find that shopping at our law book store is a truly enjoyable experience. We also provide regular updates on the new arrivals in the list to our customers through “JBA News”. Searching for the book of your choice is never cumbersome, as you can choose by the title of the book, the author, publisher or even by keywords! You can also search for books based on the subject matter.

Our collection of books span almost every industry vertical – right from accountancy, to agriculture, banking, aviation, computer and software, ecology, environment, education, electronics and engineering, gaming and sports and entertainment, management, media, journalism etc. Our online business bookstore houses over 3000 books in the Management segment alone! Most of the authors are well known and of international repute. If you wish to enhance the potential of your employees, you can choose from our range of psychology related books and communication skills.

Shipping is quick and reliable and all payments are over secure connections. So you can be sure your money is safe. Jainbookagency also has a separate section for all our International customers. We are truly innovative in the sense that we are always on the lookout for new publishers with quality books to offer. We also have a publishing unit called “JBA Publishers” and are always looking for established authors who are interested in getting their works reprinted/published. New authors are also welcome.

That’s why our collection is so vast and unique. With an established track record and impeccable reputation, we at the Jain Book Agency believe in only the best. Visit us at for the best collection of law books as well as general books.