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Edition : 10 7 2014
Media : Paper Back
ISBN : 9788126552375
JBA Book Code : 151436

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Description : Learn from the experts who are in the trenches! This book approaches the reader with the assumption that learning comes with accomplishing core tasks, or by doing. Instead of the same general overview of Excel Formula writing, this book provides 101 of the most commonly used real-world Excel formulas that can be repurposed and used for increased productivity. Each segment of the book outlines a common business or analysis problem that needs solved, and it then provides the actual Excel Formulas to solve the problem -- along with detailed explanation of how the Formulas works. The style of this book is in the format that offers a Recipe Tips & Tricks approach, where each segment shows how to perform a common task via Excel Formulas. This allows the reader to use the book as a handy reference where a common problem can be found in the book, and it can then be solved by plugging in the given formula. The recipes in the book are independent from the rest of the book, focusing on a particular scenario, so they follow this learning construct: The problem is presented The formula solution is provided How it works so it can be customized is explained After reading each segment of this book the reader will be able to: Implement the required Excel Formula Understand how the given Formula works Reuse and or customize the given Formula in other workbooks or in conjunction with other Formulas Find immediate satisfaction and success!