A Handbook of Seed Testing
Author :
Edition : 2011
Media : Hard Back
ISBN : 9788177543926
JBA Book Code : 153284
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Description : seed is the unique biology input in agriculture,which imbibes in it the productivity potential of the crop.this potential in terms of both quantity and quality is realisable by the timely use of other inputs.it is therefore importance to plan and produce adequate quantities of good quality seed to realise enhanced agricultural production and higher income to farmers.the use of high quality seed will enable to reduce the gap between potential and actual yield of all crop. this situation warrent proper functioning of effective quality control system to assure the quality of the seed throught standard seed analysis system.in this view knowledge on recent approaches in seed testing is highly essential for a seed men,seed testing and seed law enforcement officials and seed scientists.keeping this in mind,the book,"a hand book of seed testing designed clearly,explains the scientific method of analysing different seed quality traits.the book details procedures of routine seed testing methods and recent approach in seed testing.